Chronic Pain Series: Part III

Chronic Pain Series: Part III

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**Please note:  You should be proficient with ultrasound prior to taking this course.  Basic Ultrasound skills WILL NOT be taught during this course!  If not proficient, it is advised that you take Regional Anesthesia Essential Techniques prior to participating in this course.

Course Descriptor: "Ultrasound Guided Chronic Pain Injections"

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The Maverick Chronic Pain Series is designed to address the needs of CRNAs currently in or those contemplating entering the pain management field.  The lack of comprehensive pain education for CRNAs and an overwhelming number of Americans suffering from chronic pain is the driving force behind this education.  CRNAs must be adequately educated and prepared in the physiology of pain, the assessment and diagnosis of pain and of course the many different treatment options in both the acute and chronic settings to combat this crisis. 

The Maverick Chronic Pain Series is a combination of online, interactive pre-learning modules designed to prepare the learner for participation in a 16-hour hands-on cadaver lab.  The online pre-learning will be extensive but self-paced allowing for complete understanding of all concepts prior to attending the cadaver lab.  The cadaver lab will focus on the skill acquisition of fluoroscopy-guided and ultrasound-guided pain interventions.  Using the latest in pedagogy education strategies, the lab time will allow the learner to obtain an unprecedented number of repetitions at each station, in a true life-like simulation, to achieve a strong level of competency and confidence.  

Chronic Pain Series: Part III

The online pre-learning program has been approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for 12.00 Class A CE credits.

Course III is for those who or are experienced in ultrasound and wish to add ultrasound-guided pain interventions to their skillset and learn the all-important business of pain management. 

Online topics covered (Online modules to open at least 6 weeks prior to lab):

  • Using Ultrasound in Pain Management: Injections for major and minor joints; various peripheral nerves.
  • Pain Management in Rural Settings
  • The Business of Pain Management

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In order for each participant to have access to the online program and to provide individual information, please register each attendee separately.