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Introducing an ultrasound course for patient assessment and regional nerve blocks in the emergency room setting. 

Ultrasound for patient assessment has been used in the emergency department with exams such as FAST and eFAST along with RUSH and BLUE protocols. Point-of-Care ultrasound allows a provider to make faster and more accurate diagnoses, improve patient outcomes and treat patients in a more efficient manner sending home happier and healthier patients.

Pain control using ultrasound-guided nerve blocks is becoming a new tool for the emergency medicine practitioner. The opioid epidemic has exposed a vulnerability in our health care system and we can no longer rely on narcotics and other strong medications alone to control trauma and other causes of pain. Ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks performed by adequately trained ER practitioners at the initial point-of-care provides superior analgesia comparative to any injectable medication.

Maverick offers both powerful ultrasound skill sets in one course. With the assistance of incredibly talented and knowledgeable emergency room professionals, we have put together a course that covers the ultrasound basics: how ultrasound works, the physics behind ultrasound, and how to take advantage of ultrasound’s massive capabilities for patient assessment and treatment in the ER setting. 

This course will teach the following nerve blocks and POCUS assessments allowing the provider to cover a basic set of injuries commonly seen in the ER.

  • Basics of ultrasound
  • POCUS vascular access
  • POCUS cardiac assessment
  • POCUS pulmonary assessment
  • POCUS gastric assessment
  • POCUS DVT assessment
  • eFAST examination
  • Femoral Nerve Block
  • PENG Nerve Block
  • Supraclavicular Nerve Block
  • Erector Spinae Nerve Block
  • Popliteal Sciatic Nerve Block

Using Maverick’s patented pulsatile cadaver technologies and a flipped classroom paradigm, we are able to give intense, hands-on training for using point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) and the placement of a few simple ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. Online didactic modules are completed prior to an immersive, hands-on lab allowing the learner to have multiple hours of US probe and needle time to perfect the skills covered in the online content. This flipped classroom technique has been successful for the past 10 years in teaching nerve blocks and POCUS to 1000s of anesthesia providers and Maverick is now bringing it to the Emergency Medicine arena. 

Location: St Peters Health Training Center, 2500 E Broadway, Helena, MT 59601

*Earn 45 Class 1 AAPA CE Credits *